Kelly & Vannessa's Baby!

We found out on August 8th that we are expecting a baby! We are very excited and will keep you all posted during the next 9 months or so- our due date is April 17th, 2007. We're very excited to share this very special and amazing time with each of you!!!

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Monday, September 25, 2006

11 Weeks ALREADY!

We are almost out of the first trimester and all is good! At this visit, we got another sonogram (I think since the 5-week scare they are keeping a close eye on this baby!).
It FINALLY looked like a baby. We saw heartbeat, arms and legs kicking up in the air! Kelly & Spencer (Kelly's 15 year old daughter) were both there, and all 3 of us stared at the screen in awe. The nausea and sickness are all worth it once you actually see that baby inside!
They also did all of my blood work on this visit (I knew it was coming, but that didn't make it any funner)- seven vials of blood later, I was a little woozy, but the remembrance of that sonogram 15 minutes earlier made me forget all that. One more thing- the doctor said now the baby is measuring to arrive on April 12th instead of April 17th- we'll see.....only 29 weeks to go!


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