Kelly & Vannessa's Baby!

We found out on August 8th that we are expecting a baby! We are very excited and will keep you all posted during the next 9 months or so- our due date is April 17th, 2007. We're very excited to share this very special and amazing time with each of you!!!

Location: Celebration, Florida, United States

Sunday, November 04, 2007

6 Months Already!!!

Okay so I am terrible for not putting up pictures sooner, but no one can say I'm not busy, so please forgive me! Our precious little baby girl is already 6 months old! This one with her pouting one in her Orlando Magic jersey was at her first basketball game on Nov 2nd. She was happy the entire game, but when Magic lost you can see from the picture she didn't take it well :o)

At her 6 month visit to the doctor she took her shots very well (Daddy calms her during those terrible shots). Dr said her weight is in the 75-85th percentile and height is 97th%- so we are expecting a call from the WNBA in 18 years or so :o)

More updates will come soon!


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