Kelly & Vannessa's Baby!

We found out on August 8th that we are expecting a baby! We are very excited and will keep you all posted during the next 9 months or so- our due date is April 17th, 2007. We're very excited to share this very special and amazing time with each of you!!!

Location: Celebration, Florida, United States

Thursday, August 30, 2007

3 months old!

Olivia is a young traveler! I had an 8-day conference in San Francisco, CA that I had to be at, so Olivia & I took the journey with Mita (my mom Angela). Olivia did amazing on all the flights (there were connections each way so we ended up on a total of 4 planes!). While there, we went to the pool at the hotel with her Paka (my dad Tim) and she fell asleep at the conference banquet. She LOVES her bunny robe too!

We are learning her personality now more and more each day (independent for sure :o)


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